I am 26 and still finding grounds in my life. I am born and raised into a conservative Chinese family. As I grew, I was inducted into a city-state where a competitive modern society has made achievements and money become a call of life. I have a job in one of the most awarded airport in the world. I think and I see endless possibilities.

To learn about things that are greater than myself, my kin and kith, my job, and my country, travelling afforded me the chance to discover everything and anything. I share with them the amazing people I have met and those individuals I have had the honor to lunch with. I recount the smiles of locals with whom I greeted and thanked in their native languages.

I opened my ears and let them talk so they could teach me. My experiences gave me an ability to see beyond the vanishing point and I received an education that cannot be taught in a lecture or coursework.

I show people how wrong they were about a particular country. I am humbled by the trust that strangers have so genuinely afforded me. I believe there is power in knowledge and reaching out to people, and I urge that you do the same.

My camera is to me what cigarettes are to smokers. Along with aircrafts, I consider it one of the greatest invention in modern times. Photographs are frozen memories and when you look into them hard enough, they each tell a story. They are filled with feelings and full of life. This website captures those stories I found and I treasure.

After all, the business of life is the acquisition of memories.


  1. Hi JJ! I found you on a comment that you’ve posted on our mutual friends blog here: wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com .
    You were asking her about ways to afford travel and she gave you some very resourceful information, information that I myself have personally noted and taken into account. I’ve another suggestion for you which also has an income earning opportunity embedded in it as well. I am only 22 myself and set to graduate from college 5/4/13 (super excited!). This opportunity I mention has placed me securely in the circle of thirty year old millionaires who love to travel and help people do the same while making a few dollars doing it. It’s personally always been my dream to write, travel and mingle with the natives of other countries, learning their language and experiencing their lifestyle. I utilize photography as a “writing prompt,” sometimes and your photography in Nepal looks like excellent material! I look forward to open and extended lines of communication with you! Drop by and follow my blog as I will continue to follow yours!
    Dominic Jones

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