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This set of invitation card comes individually in Malay and English, and with a locality map that is preferably be printed on Tracing Papers.


  • Background color of the cards is not part of the design, will be largely dependant on the material that is chosen for printing.
  • The invitations will be printed on standard 4 by 6 inches cards.

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  1. Name of parents :
    Aziz Bin Osman & Ruspah Bte Hussein

    “To grace an occasion between”:
    Nur Azirah Binti Aziz & Md Nazrulkhairl Bin Hj Md Moktar


    A & K
    Majlis perkahwinan pada hari Ketiga di bulan dua pada tahun dua ribu tigabelas

    Aziz Bin Osman & Ruspah bte Hussein

    Dengan segala hormatnya mempersilakan


    Ke majlis persandingan

    Nur Azirah Binti Aziz & Md Nazrulkhairil Bin Hj Md Moktar

    Di hari Bahagia ini:

    multi purpose hall in Malay is Dewan serbaguna

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