We struggle. Everyone struggle. The struggle came with the demands and expectations of a modern society; job, relationship, love, hate, kin and kith to begin with. Then more often than not, someone will fall into a downward spiral of lost hopes and extinguished dreams, unable to pull themselves out of the confine of a dungeon they think they deserve.

From a sideline, we feel their anguish, see their tears, and smell more trouble brewing. From the edge of a building, they looked up and saw no stars in a clear night, just a bloodied mess of a body when they looked down. They are deep in contemplation to take a leap, and find a relieve when they stop falling.

Then we pounder and wonder what is to be done, if at all.

Sometimes, all they needed is a person to believe in them, to hope with them, and stand next to them to channel an unseen energy of confidence and courage into them.

Learn more about To Write Love On Her Arms.

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